our mission

our true mission is simple:

to spread the Gospel, to know God, and to make Him known to the world.

we live in a world that is filled with chaos, strife, and opposition to the Gospel. hate wreaks havoc across our nations, dividing countries, states, and even towns and families.

friends, know that this isn’t the end. we were meant to be in community and grow together. the more we speak the truth over others, the more healing we will see.

how far we’ve come

when this blog was first started in 2018, I had no idea what God was going to do with it. I prayed that He would use it to encourage others and give me a way of sharing the Gospel with people I had never met in an inviting, non-confrontational and fun way.

by sharing my own experiences, opinions, and what I feel the Lord has been telling me, our little community has grown and expanded into something only God can do.

praying for revival yields some pretty miraculous results, friends. check out how far we’ve come over the past three years of being live online:

map courtesy of AMCHARTS.COM

the mustard yellow color represents the countries this simple, down to earth blog has reached. you can click on the image to go straight to the map where you can see all the countries listed too!

friends, this map represents 78 countries around the world that have heard the Gospel. if you ever doubt for a second that God isn’t working, come back to this page as a reminder.

He is still working. He is still present. He is still with us.