how to fight FOMO

I have a confession to make.

Ever since Joe and I got married, I have been absolutely awful at spending time with the Lord. I haven’t been reading my Bible or sitting in the quiet, let alone praying!

And let me tell you something; it has been seriously impacting not only my walk with God, but also my mood and everyday life!

With all the worries and distractions that the world throws at us, I think it is incredibly easy to neglect our most important interaction: that of actually speaking with the Creator of everything you see around you.

Like honestly ladies, how crazy is it that we are welcome to come into the presence of the Almighty God, the One who knows us better than we know ourselves, who hears us, who actively listens to us, and who DESPERATELY wants to speak with us as often as we text our best friends every single day??

Now comes the craziest, most shocking, yet normal part of it all: we consistently forget about this relationship! We choose people, material possessions, and other various things to fill our void. We run to that which doesn’t last, that can’t promise us anything, and that always end up disappointing us.

So what are we to do, us sinful women who can’t ever seem to get it right, who feel alone every time they fail while in the pursuit of God?

Let me encourage you with something: we are not alone in our fight for God. Adam and Eve walked right alongside us.

Eve’s original purpose was to accompany Adam. She was his perfect match; she completed him; she loved him with all her heart; she adored and cherished him!

But aren’t we forgetting something?

She also led him into sin.

Adam was there when she was deceived by the serpent. They both thought they were missing out on something other than what God was giving them, so they decided to turn to it to find fulfillment; and look where that landed them!

But the coolest part about this story comes after they hide themselves from the Lord. Here, God is speaking to the serpent:

“And I will cause hostility between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and her offspring.
He will strike your head,
and you will strike his heel.”
~ Genesis 3:15 (NLT)

Following this verse, the Lord irons out the consequences of sin on Adam and Eve. But friends, here me out:  God doesn’t give us consequences to abandon us. Instead, He offers us restoration, healing, and hope for the future.

From Eve came sin, but so did the promise of redemption. Through her, she would have a descendant that came to the earth to save not only her, but every human being after her!

The beauty and truth of the Gospel is we aren’t missing out. In reality, it is saying we are allowed access into the greatest, most coveted prize in all humanity: the free, unconditional gifts of love, grace, and perfection.

Imagine for a moment how giddy you get when something you really care about works out. For me, it’s when I can actively see God moving to open the eyes of women to the beauty of His Word and, in effect, they are able to better connect with Him.

Picture your own moment. Now transfer it to God: imagine Him being giddy with happiness and joy over what He created. Now imagine that creation is YOU.

Friends, God LOVES to bless His creation! We see this time and time again in Genesis:

“Then God blessed them, saying, ‘Be fruitful and multiply. Let the fish fill the seas, and let the birds multiply on the earth.'”
~ Genesis 1:22 (NLT)

“Then God blessed them and said, ‘Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.'”
Genesis 1:28 (NLT)

“He created them male and female, and he blessed them and called them ‘human.'”
~ Genesis 5:2 (NLT)

“Then God blessed Noah and his sons and told them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth.'”
~ Genesis 9:1 (NLT)

Next time you’re feeling discouraged, know that God’s judgment is also full of mercy and grace. Know that He didn’t leave Adam and Eve in their mistakes, so He certainly won’t leave you in yours. If He was willing and able to give His One and Only Son so He could save us all, how much MORE will He be willing to give us when we choose to follow Him?

So, this month I will try harder to spend more time in God’s Word. This month, I will try harder to pray every day. This month, I will become devoted to sitting still in the silence and waiting to hear God’s voice.

Because without it, FOMO will eat us alive.

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